Buying A Macbook On Amazon (Are They Real, Is It Safe + More)

There are many online stores that sell quality computers and laptops. Websites such as Best Buy and Walmart provide many popular brands, including Macbook laptops and PC’s.

However, customers who shop on Amazon may notice Macbooks are also listed in their selection of electronics. If you’d like more information about these listings, keep reading this article!

Are Amazon Macbooks Real In 2022?

Amazon is an authorized reseller of many Apple products, including Macbooks and iMacs, making any listing for a Macbook real. In some cases, Amazon buys bulk orders of Apple Mac computers which allows them to offer slight discounts compared to Additionally, Amazon sells refurbished Macs at cheaper prices.

If you’d like to learn more about the safety of purchasing a Macbook on Amazon, which Macbooks are available, their prices, and more, keep reading!

Is it Safe to Purchase a Macbook From Amazon?

Purchasing a Macbook from Amazon is quite safe!

Since Amazon is an authorized reseller of Apple products, the listings featured on Macbook product pages are coming directly from Amazon.

Macbooks sold on Amazon all come in Apple packaging, and contain serial numbers that customers can verify on Apple’s website.

Customers can also check reviews on Macbook product pages for further verification!

Therefore, customers who plan to purchase a Macbook through Amazon are recommended to pay attention to the listing information to ensure they’re purchasing directly from Amazon and not a third-party seller.

Are Macbooks Cheaper on Amazon?

In some cases, MacBook models on Amazon are cheaper than Macbooks at the Apple Store. This is due to the types of warranties that Apple issues to Amazon as well as how they buy Macbooks.

Amazon will generally purchase their stock in bulk and commit to purchases in advance, so Apple gives Amazon a good wholesale price that enables them to slightly discount their stock.

As well, the warranties that are offered on Amazon Mac computers don’t always have the longevity that direct Apple purchases do, which enables Amazon to reduce the prices.

Finally, Amazon also sells refurbished Macbooks that are older and have been previously owned.

These computers will usually go for about half the price of newer Macbooks.

Does Amazon Sell Refurbished Macbooks?

Does Amazon Sell Refurbished Macbooks?

Currently, Amazon has refurbished Macbook computers for sale, though they have others listed that are temporarily out of stock.

However, the reviews for refurbished Macbooks on Amazon are mixed. Many customers found their computer to work quite well, whereas other customers found the quality poor and short-lasting.

While Amazon’s refurbished Macbooks are cheaper, usually running for $500- $699, they are older and therefore may not be as high quality as a newer Macbook.

Therefore, customers who wish to purchase a refurbished Macbook are well ahead to do so directly from Apple, as their renewed computers are generally considered to be of higher quality.

Do Macbooks on Amazon Work?

Newer Macbook models sold by Amazon work just as well as new models purchased directly from Apple! However, customers who purchase a refurbished Macbook may end up with a lower-quality computer.

Some third-party sellers on Amazon may have Macbooks listed for sale. However, purchasing these computers can be risky, and customers are advised to avoid Macbooks sold by third-party sellers.

Third-party seller computers are often badly refurbished or wrongly labeled to be Macbooks. Therefore, while Amazon’s stock of Macbooks work well, third-party seller computers often do not.

How Can I Tell If a Macbook is Real?

If a customer is considering a Macbook on Amazon, and they are concerned about the legitimacy of their purchase, they can do a couple of things to verify that their computer is a Macbook:

Check the Serial Number:

  • All Apple products come with a verifiable serial number that can be punched into Apple’s website to confirm the computer model.
  • If customers find their serial number is not present on the laptop, or it doesn’t show up on Apple’s website, their laptop is not a Macbook computer

Check the Packaging:

  • When Apple authorizes a seller for their products, they always ship their devices in their original packaging
  • If a customer purchases a Macbook from Amazon and it is not in Apple packing, this means the computer was sold by a third party seller
  • While some third-party sellers of Apple products sell well-maintained computers, there is a higher risk of the Macbook not functioning well, and customers are advised to refrain from making such a purchase

Is Buying a Macbook From Amazon Worth It?

Buying a new Macbook model from Amazon is often worthwhile due to the quality of the computers they are authorized to sell as well as the lower prices.

Customers should be aware, however, that their warranty coverage may not be as good as it would be if they purchased the laptop directly from the Apple store.

As well, purchasing refurbished Macbooks through Amazon, while cheaper, is not generally worthwhile as the quality is often not as good as refurbished laptops sold directly from Apple.

Which Macbooks Are Available on Amazon?

Amazon sells a number of Macbook models. Currently, they offer the following:

  • Macbook Air 
  • Macbook Pro 
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac

In addition to these models, Amazon regularly changes their Mac stock both for newer models and refurbished laptops, so it is best to see the latest models directly on

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Amazon sells a variety of Macbooks, including refurbished Macbooks for comparatively lower prices than Apple.

Amazon is an authorized seller of Apple products, making new Macbook models safe to buy. However, refurbished Macbooks are not recommended.

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