Didn’t Receive Amazon Order In 2022 (What To Do + More)

Amazon is generally considered to have reliable methods for shipping and fulfilling orders. However, some customers have experienced issues with their packages never arriving.

Therefore, some customers may be curious about what to do if their Amazon package hasn’t shown up yet. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to see what I found out!

Didn’t Receive Amazon Order In 2022

If an Amazon order status says “delivered” but the package has not arrived, customers are advised to contact Amazon customer service if 48 hours have passed and the package still hasn’t arrived. However, if the order status is still in the “Shipped” status, customers are recommended to check their tracking details for possible delays.

If you’d like to learn more about filing a claim for a missing package, how to contact Amazon for a refund for a missing package and more, keep reading this article for useful facts, tips and information!

Who Do I Contact If I Never Received My Amazon Package?

If customers order has gone past its estimated arrival date, and it still hasn’t shown up in the mail, they are recommended to first do the following:

  • Check the shipping address in Your Orders to make sure you entered the correct information
  • Check for a notice of attempted delivery. If the package you’ve ordered requires a person to be at home to sign for the item, the delivery driver may have come at a time when you weren’t at home and temporarily took the package back.
  • Look for the delivery location of your package, as it may have been left at a different place around your home than normal.
  • See if another person accepted the package on your behalf.
  • Check your mailbox in case the package was delivered through your local post office. Many Amazon packages will go through multiple carriers, therefore it may have been handed off to the post office instead of being delivered to your home directly.

However, if customers have checked all the above information and still cannot locate their package, they are recommended to contact Amazon customer service directly to check the status of their package.

In order to contact customer service, login to your Amazon account and go to Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help > Contact Us.

Customers can speak to a live customer service representative by calling Amazon’s 1-800 number, or a bot by using Amazon’s instant message feature.

Can I File a Claim if my Amazon Package Never Arrived?

Can I File a Claim if my Amazon Package Never Arrived?

Amazon has provided a claim method for customers, which can be used if a package has not arrived in a timely manner or hasn’t shown up at all.

Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee can be used to file a claim. However, in order to qualify for the A to Z Guarantee claim, customers must check off one of the following:

  • Your item did not arrive within 30 days or three days past the estimated delivery date.
  • The package arrived damaged, defective or different than what you originally ordered.
  • You returned a package to Amazon but didn’t receive a refund.
  • You need to return an item internationally but the seller hasn’t provided an address or shipping label.
  • The seller miscalculated shipping/ customs charges and you were overcharged.

If your package has yet to arrive, you can make an A to Z claim based on the first qualifier listed. In order to receive help, customers have up to 90 days past the estimated delivery to file the claim.

In order to file the claim, login to your account and go to Accounts and Lists > Your Account > Your Orders. Select the order you’d like to file a claim for, and select File/ View Claim.

In the first text box, explain the reason for the claim you’re filing, and in the second box select “Request refund through A to Z Guarantee.”

What If my Package Status Says “Delivered” But I Never Got It?

If customers’ package status says “Delivered,” but they’ve yet to receive their order, Amazon requests that they wait 48 hours before contacting customer service, as occasionally the delivery status is updated prematurely.

However, if 48 hours have passed and the package still hasn’t shown up, customers are asked to contact Amazon directly by calling their 1-800 number or by contacting a customer service agent through their instant message option on the Customer Service page.

Amazon’s customer service phone number is 1-877-586-3230, which customers are recommended to contact first, as they are able to speak to a live person directly.

As well, Amazon customer representatives are authorized to offer help that instant message customer service agents aren’t, and will therefore be able to help locate the missing package much easier.

Will Amazon Refund My Package if it Never Arrived?

If a customer’s package has not arrived after a considerable amount of time, they will usually qualify for a refund. In order to qualify, the package ordered must be missing 3 days past the estimated delivery date.

However, if the package is missing within the estimated delivery date, customers are recommended to check their tracking information to find out where their package is currently located.

How Do I Request a Refund if my Amazon Package Never Arrived?

In order to request a refund for a missing package, customers may do the following:

  1. Login to your account and go to Your Orders.
  2. Locate your order and select the “Problem with your order” option.
  3. Select the issue from the drop-down list of options, and click on “Request refund.”
  4. Enter any relevant comments about the missing package into the text box and select “Submit.”

Amazon will usually approve a refund within two days. However, it may take up to a week for a refund request to be processed.

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If customers have not received their Amazon order, they can contact Amazon customer service 3 days after the estimated delivery date has passed and request assistance.

Amazon will either attempt to locate the package or will offer customers a refund.

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