Do You Tip Target Drive Up In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

One of the most popular shopping destinations in America is undoubtedly Target. With thousands of locations, and an even greater number of deals available to avid shoppers, Target is a great place to pick up all your essentials.

However, with the rise in popularity of contactless shopping and curbside pickup during the past year, you might be wondering about Target’s Drive Up service and its policies.

For instance, do you tip for Target Drive Up? I did some digging into the topic, and here is everything that I was able to uncover regarding it.

Do You Tip Target Drive Up In 2022?

Target’s handy pickup service ensures contactless shopping, and customers are free to tip the employee who loads orders into their vehicle. Target’s tipping policy is vague, but a tip of at least $5 is generally appreciated for this service. Target does not work on commission or tip splitting, so your tip will be kept by the employee.

For additional information on Target’s Drive Up service, how to use it, and what an appropriate tip amount might be, keep on reading!

Should You Tip Target Drive Up Employees?

While Target does not have an official policy on whether customers can tip or not, most in-store employees will not accept any extra cash to avoid any managerial trouble.

Target’s tip policy for Drive Up is also non-specific, but customers can ask the employee to accept a tip for their effort.

Because Target’s Drive Up service is an extra step for employees to provide car-loading, it’s a nice idea to give your shopping assistant a tip.

Especially on busy days when dozens of curbside orders are placed a day.

How Much Should You Tip Target Drive Up?

Tipping etiquette can be confusing. But most experts recommend that delivery or curb service tips should equate to how large your order is.

For most circumstances, the tip should be about 10% to 20% of your order, or at least $5.

However, if your order included heavy or unwieldy items that made it more difficult, you might want to tip more to thank them for the effort!

How Much Of The Tips Do Target Drive Up Employees Receive?

How Much Of The Tips Do Target Drive Up Employees Receive?

Target’s retail policy does not include contingencies for customer tips, such as commission or percentage splits.

Therefore, if you choose to tip the employee who assisted you with your Drive Up order, they will keep the entire total.

It is recommended that you tip your shopping assistant in cash to make it easier.

What Is Target Drive Up?

Target Drive Up is a curbside pickup and loading service to provide contactless shopping. Your Target order will be packed and brought out from the store by an employee, then loaded into your vehicle at the curb.

Once the goods in your order have been safely packed away by the Target worker, you can drive away without having to go in-store or pay shipping fees.

How Do You Use Target Drive Up?

Target’s Drive Up provides an on-demand, same-day order pickup service that is easy to use. Customers can order products on or through the Target smartphone app, selecting Drive Up as the free method of delivery.

Your items will typically be ready for pick up within 2 hours, but the busyness of the location may alter that timeframe. You will receive a notification when it is ready to be brought out.

Is There A Fee For Target Drive Up?

No, there is no charge. Customers do not have to pay any extra fees to use Target’s Drive Up service.

Unlike shipping costs that occur when ordering from or via the Target smartphone app, this curbside order collection service is completely free. All you pay for is the order itself.

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It is up to the customer to tip the Target Drive Up employees who provide this service. While Target does not have specific policies against tipping Drive Up workers, employees can still refuse.

Typically, cash tips between 10% and 20% of your order’s total are acceptable, or more, if your order was particularly difficult to bring out and stow away.

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