Does Amazon Do Price Adjustments In 2022? (Try This Instead)

Who doesn’t love a price adjustment while shopping? If you’ve ever been on the fence about buying something, you may have been persuaded to bite the bullet and buy it if a price adjustment was on offer.

While many retailers put products on sale, price adjustments, or price protection, involves a partial refund when a customer shows a product they recently bought is for sale at a lower price.

With that in mind, you might be thinking does Amazon do price adjustments? Here is what I discovered!

Does Amazon Do Price Adjustments In 2022?

Amazon does not do traditional price adjustments where you can get a refund if you find a product you purchased at a lower price within a set timeframe. Instead, Amazon relies on constant price monitoring and updating to stay competitive, with regular sales and discounts offered to millions of customers. 

If you want to know more about why Amazon doesn’t do price adjustments, and how you can still score a great deal from this retail giant, then read our full guide!

Why Doesn’t Amazon Do Price Adjustments?

Amazon doesn’t do price adjustments because it takes up a lot of time, money, and resources.

This is the same reason why many other retailers have phased out price adjustments if they had them to begin with.

In today’s digital age, companies can track their competitors and change their prices at the push of a button, so old-fashioned price adjustments are hard to keep up with.

Another aspect of price adjustments is that they were traditionally done in-person, as customers needed to go in-store and show the newspaper or catalog where the product was listed at a lower price.

That’s not a possibility for Amazon as an e-commerce company, as well as many other retailers that do a big chunk of business online. 

While brick-and-mortar stores used to offer price adjustments as a way to attract customers and guarantee shoppers were always getting a great price, that practice has somewhat gone out of style as shopping options rapidly expanded. 

What Are Amazon Alternatives To Price Adjustments?

Does Amazon Have Competitive Prices?

Instead of old-fashioned price adjustments used at some physical stores, Amazon uses high-tech price tracking to keep prices low and attractive to shoppers.

It also has a generous 30-day return policy for most items, unless they are sold by a third-party merchant with a different return policy.

Other Amazon alternatives to price adjustments include daily discounts and Amazon Coupons.

Additionally, Today’s Deals is a dedicated Amazon page where daily deals and other discounted prices are listed, making it easy for shoppers to scop up good sales.

While you won’t be able to get a direct price adjustment on Amazon, you can check out thousands of coupons and clip them directly to your account.

If you view the product listing page for an item with an available coupon, Amazon will display the coupon option to help you save money.

Does Amazon Have Competitive Prices?

Although Amazon doesn’t do price adjustments in the traditional sense of the word, overall its prices are very competitive.

As a technology company, Amazon uses extensive digital tracking and analytics to constantly monitor its prices to stay competitive and keep customers coming back for more.

One of the many reasons why Amazon is so cheap is the retailer’s leadership in the e-commerce space.

Because Amazon is such a recognizable and trusted brand name, it’s one of the first choices for consumers to shop online.

Many people even consider Amazon to be a monopoly, so it definitely has the upper hand over smaller competitors. Amazon has a huge brand presence too, with its name regularly mentioned in the media and across all digital platforms.

Thanks to Amazon’s huge power in the e-commerce and retail space, the company can keep prices low while still turning a massive profit.

Price adjustments would just add another layer of complexity to Amazon’s operations, and with prices already so affordable, it just doesn’t make sense for the retailer.

Can You Get Refunds On Amazon?

Not only does Amazon have competitive prices and Daily Deals, but there’s also a generous return policy that more than makes up for the lack of price adjustments.

Most products can be returned within 30 days for a full refund, especially if they are sold and fulfilled by Amazon.

Essentially, this means that even though you can’t get a price adjustment on Amazon items, you could return an item if you don’t want it anymore.

Some people may order the same product at a lower price while the return of the original product is processing.

Just remember not to go overboard on returning items to Amazon. According to this Amazon return warning, the company keeps an eye on your account activity, particularly if you are returning over 10% of items ordered.

Don’t worry too much as Amazon will email you first if it suspects any suspicious activity on your account, including too many returns.

That being said, you may be able to get a partial refund from Amazon while still keeping the item. To get an Amazon refund without return, you need to contact the company directly through your account.

You should select the “problem with order” option and explain what’s wrong with your order, and from there Amazon will decide whether to give you a refund or not.

Keep in mind this refund without return option is usually reserved for issues like late deliveries or damaged items.

However, if you really aren’t satisfied with your Amazon experience, it may be worth a shot to see if the retailer will adjust the price and provide a partial refund.

To learn more about Amazon, you can also see our posts on Amazon’s price mistake policy and the Amazon return policy after 30 days.


Getting a good deal while shopping online with Amazon is easy, even though the e-commerce giant does not offer price adjustments.

While Amazon won’t give you a refund if you find the same product at a lower price, there is a 30-day return policy that covers most products sold and fulfilled by Amazon.

If you decide you no longer want an item or you found a better deal elsewhere, you can try and return it to Amazon as long as it’s eligible for 30-day returns.

Just check in your account orders what items are eligible for a return to start the return and refund process.

Also, rest assured that Amazon has pretty low prices to begin with. The billion-dollar company’s massive net worth, huge investments, and extensive market power mean it can offer affordable prices while still turning a profit.

This commitment to competitive prices effectively eliminates the need for price adjustments at Amazon anyway, so you can stock up on millions of household items with regular sales and Amazon coupons.

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