Does Costco Have A Bottle & Can Return In 2022? (Full Guide)

Recycling can have a significant impact helping the environment, which is why many large retailers have begun implementing recycling programs.

Because of this, you might be wondering if Costco has a bottle and can return. I did some digging, and here is what I discovered about recycling at Costco!

Does Costco Have Bottle & Can Return In 2022?

Costco does have a bottle and can return recycling machine which can be found at most Costco car parks as of 2022. When using the Costco recycling machine, customers can earn money for returning and recycling their empty bottles and cans, up to $0.10 per item in some states.

For more information about how to use a Costco bottle and can return, and where you can find your local recycling center, then keep reading!

What Type Of Bottle and Can Machine Does Costco Use?

Often, Costco’s that offer bottles and can return will have a designated recycling microsite often within their parking lot, taking up as little as 2 parking spaces.

Costco has been known to work with Nexcycle to operate their bottle and can return centers.

According to online recyclers, Costco tends to offer the Tomra T-53 machine for their bottle and can return. This is a reverse vending machine with a color screen and two separate sections for bottle and can recycling.

How Do I Use A Costco Bottle And Can Return?

After locating the bottle and can return at Costco, simply load your bottles and cans into the correct designated section of the machine.

Once you start adding in bottles/cans (ensure you load the bottles and cans on the bottom side first), there will be a running total of the amount of money earned per can.

Then, once you have placed all your bottles and cans inside the machine, you can press the green button to generate a receipt you can then redeem inside Costco.

If the recycling machines at Costco are full or not working, you can take your bottle and can return to the customer service desk inside of Costco in order to redeem your money for them.

Additionally, you do not need to be a Costco member in order to redeem your cans.

How Many Bottles And Cans Can I Return To Costco?

Depending on your state, there may be limitations about how many bottles and cans you can return to Costco within one visit.

For example, in California, customers are only able to return 50 cans per visit per day. To ensure you can return your bottles and cans, contact your local Costco to find out the guidelines.

How Much Can You Earn Recycling Bottles And Cans at Costco?

How Much Can You Earn Recycling Bottles And Cans at Costco?

Depending on your state, it can vary how much you can earn for recycling your bottles and cans. It can vary from around 5c to 10c per bottle or can.

Some states such as California and Michigan have higher pay-out rates for bottle and can returns, meaning customers can earn around 10c a can.

This equates to $3.20 per pound of cans or bottles, meaning bottle and can return at Costco can be quite lucrative in some states.

How Can I Find Bottle And Can Return At Costco In My Area?

The easiest way to learn if your local Costco offers a bottle and can return is to contact them, either in-store or through customer service. Costco staff members will be able to advise you where your nearest bottle and can return is.

Additionally, websites such as Recycle Nation and Earth911 have search bars to locate a specific type of recycling, such as a bottle or can return, within a specific area using your zip code.

Does Costco Promote Recycling?

Yes, Costco is committed to making its products more sustainable and contributing to the environmental cause.

Costco’s suppliers support recycling programs and organizations such as Keep America Beautiful in order to aid the recycling effort.

Does Costco Use Recycled Packaging?

In addition to its support of recycling organizations, Costco is committed to its goals of reducing its operational packaging waste and providing sustainable packaging to its members.

Costco has already implemented recycled packaging for many of their products, including 100% recycled pizza boxes for their Food Court products, Pharmacies using customer bags, and the E-commerce shipping boxes are now also all 100% recycled content.

Kirkland branded items sold in Costco are also eco-friendlier, including better and more sustainable packaging for items like water bottles, dog dental chews, and facial tissues.

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Yes, Costco is able to offer bottle and can return in some of their stores through their recycling microsites, often situated in their parking lots. Here, customers can return their bottles and cans and earn a small fee which they can redeem in stores at Costco.

Recycling programs vary from state to state, so contact your local Costco to check what recycling services they offer before you make the trip.

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