Does Dollar General Do Money Orders In 2022? [ANSWERED]

Shopping at Dollar General is cheap and convenient, with thousands of stores across the US selling a wide variety of low-priced merchandise. 

But, as well as saving money when you shop at Dollar General, can you also complete money orders in-store? Here’s all the information I could find!

Does Dollar General Do Money Orders In 2022?

No, Dollar General does not sell or cash money orders at any of its 16,000 locations. However, you can access money transfer services in-store which is offered by Western Union. To initiate a money transfer, customers will need to visit or download the app, which allows customers to send and receive funds in-store. 

So, how does Dollar General’s money transfer service work?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about sending and picking up money at Dollar General, and for more information on stores that do offer money transfers.  

How To Complete A Money Transfer At Dollar General?

Completing a money transfer at Dollar General is quick and easy. But first, customers will need to visit the Western Union website or download the Western Union app.

To initiate your money transfer, click “Pay cash in-store” on the app or website and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, specify the amount you want to transfer.

Once you have finalized this portion of the transaction, you have 12 hours to pay the transfer amount at your local Dollar General store.

Those who use the service should bear in mind that there is a send limit of $800. If you would like to send additional funds via money transfer, you will have to do it through another Western Union agent.

Can Customers Receive Money Transfers At Dollar General?

Can Customers Receive Money Transfers At Dollar General?

Yes, you can also pick up money transfers from Dollar General. Simply select the “Pick up cash” option on the Western Union app or website and follow the instructions.

From therevisit your local Dollar General store with valid ID and Money Transfer Control Number to receive the funds.

However, there is once again a limit on the amount of money you can pick up. More specifically, you can only pick up a maximum of $300 from a Dollar General store.

How Many Dollar General Locations Do Money Transfers?

You can send and pick up money in at least 15,400 Dollar General locations across 44 states, although the exact amount of Dollar General stores that offer this service is unclear.

If you want to find out whether or not you can transfer money at your nearest Dollar General store, you can get in touch to ask.

Find your local store using the online Store Locator tool and call to speak to a customer service representative.

What Stores Do Money Orders?

Even though Dollar General stores do not offer money order services, there are other stores that do. These include: 

  • Walmart.  
  • CVS.  
  • Pulix. 
  • Kroger.  
  • 7-Eleven.  

Banks, credit unions, and the US Postal Service can also complete money orders for you. 

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You cannot complete money orders at any Dollar General stores. However, if you want to manage your funds at your local Dollar General, you can send and pick money using the Western Union app or website.

And, there are other stores besides Dollar General that do offer money order services. So, there’s no need to worry that Dollar General don’t! These include supermarkets such as Walmart, as well as banks, credit unions, and the US Postal Service.

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