Does Kroger Drug Test In 2022? (Warning: Must Read…) 

As one of the leading employers in the retail industry of the U.S., Kroger provides mass employment opportunities to candidates, conducting background checks before sending out offers.

So if you’re a prospective employee applying for a position at Kroger, you may be wondering – does Kroger drug test as part of the background check? Here is what I’ve found out about it!

Does Kroger Drug Test In 2022?

Most Kroger stores conduct pre-employment drug tests for potential employees as of 2022, along with periodic tests for existing employees. Typically, Korger will do mouth and urine drug tests to detect substances, and if a test comes back positive, employment may be terminated.

If you want to learn more about when Kroger performs drug tests for existing employees, what kind of drugs Kroger tests for, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is Kroger’s Drug Test Policy?

Kroger cares about the way customers feel about its employees, so you can be sure of going through a drug test before the company hires you.

According to Kroger’s Code of Ethics, the company upholds strong moral, ethical, and legal standards and expects compliance from employees.  

As part of pre-employment checks on potential employees, Kroger runs drug tests on candidates along with preliminary background checks.

Although some employees at Kroger confirm that the drug test is a mandatory part of the recruitment process, it is not a certainty in all cases (some stores do it while others do not).

On the whole, the company can request a drug test if it deems it necessary for assessing the behavior of a potential employee.

What Happens If My Drug Test Comes Out Positive?

What Happens If My Drug Test Comes Out Positive? 

A positive drug test on a Kroger employee could lead to termination of employment. So if you are a regular substance user, you might want to avoid taking drugs when undergoing an interview at Kroger.

According to drug use experts, you could pass a drug test with at least 4 days to one week of abstinence from drugs.

Kroger will likely offer you employment before making you submit a drug test, so keep in mind that your employment is provisional and will only be confirmed when you successfully pass the drug test. 

Since you cannot be sure when exactly you’ll be tested, it is best to avoid getting high throughout the entire process (starting a few days before the process begins). 

What Type Of Drug Test Does Kroger Use?

Based on several reports, Kroger mainly uses simple mouth swabs to conduct drug tests for potential employees.

This swab test involves using a cotton bud to take your saliva which is then sent to a lab for drug tests.  

Note that a mouth swab test can pick up drugs in your saliva after up to 3-4 days of substance use. 

Which Drugs Does Kroger Test For?

Kroger drug tests check for the presence of a number of mind-altering drugs that are typically capable of influencing a person’s behavior.

These tests check mostly for the following 5-panel substances: 

  • Cocaine
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 
  • Methamphetamine 
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) 

Does Kroger Drug Test Existing Employees?

The Kroger Code of Ethics requires employees to undergo drug tests as the need arises, with the decision to administer these tests left at the discretion of the store manager.  

When Do Kroger Drug Test Employees? 

Here are the occasions on which a Kroger store manager will require an employee to undergo a drug test:

1. Suspicion Tests: 

If the behavior of an employee is deemed to be inappropriate by the management or an employee exhibits behavior consistent with drug abuse, the employee may need to go through a drug test.

Note that the company reserves the right to request a drug test at any time, and as an employee, you will need to comply if you wish to keep your job.

2. Random Tests:

Although random drug tests happen quite rarely, the management of a Kroger store may — in compliance with the company’s policy — request a random drug test from all employees.

3. Post-Accident Tests:

Another type of drug test you will have to go through as a Kroger employee is the post-accident drug test.

As part of the company’s policy to ensure a comfortable experience for customers, your store manager will ask you to undergo a drug test if you get involved in an accident at work.

Additionally, if you hurt yourself, a colleague at work, or a customer, you will have to take a drug test to prove that you were not acting under the influence of a substance.

However, note that this depends on the discretion of the store manager, and tests are usually performed as part of a random or periodic assessment of workplace safety.

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Like most retail stores, Kroger does pre-employment drug tests and background checks for potential employees, but this is not the case for all store locations in the U.S. (recreational drug use is legal in some states).

Kroger can periodically drug test existing employees as well and usually tests for five common substances including cocaine and methamphetamines.

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