Does Walgreens Accept Checks As Payment In 2022? (Guide)

Walgreens does accept checks as a payment method, but there may be some restrictions on certain types of checks. For example, you may not be able to use a check drawn on a bank that is not in your state. Additionally, some banks do not allow for more than $10,000 worth of checks to be written at once.

Does Walgreens Accept Checks As Payment In 2022?

Walgreens accepts all personal checks as payment for items in-store, including prescriptions as of 2022. Walgreens also accepts Similac and WIC checks but does not accept starter checks. You can only write the amount you have to pay for the purchase and cannot use checks when buying online at Walgreens.

Does Walgreens Accept Checks To Pay For Prescriptions?

Yes, Walgreens accepts checks as a valid payment method at all of its stores for buying prescriptions. Note that you will be required to show a state-issued photo ID when paying through a check. 

Head over to the check-out counter once your prescription has been filled and write the check with all the right details (including the amount you have to pay).

The cashier will process your check through a machine that uses either Telecheck or Certegy to verify the check. 

What Type Of Checks Does Walgreens Accept? 

What Type Of Checks Does Walgreens Accept? 

Walgreens accepts all personal checks for general purchases that have the name and address of the owner of the bank account and the routing and account numbers.

Additionally, Walgreens also accepts WIC checks and those used to pay for specific products like Similac. 

However, Walgreens does not accept starter checks since these do not carry the name and address of the person owning the bank account (which makes it difficult to trace in case of fraud). 

What Is The Limit For The Amount You Can Write On A Check At Walgreens? 

In most stores, you are only allowed to write the check for the exact amount you have to make your purchase. So if your total bill comes out to be $105.2, you have to write a check for $105.2. 

However, some stores have a different policy. They allow you to write a check that can exceed the amount you have to pay but not more than a set limit (such as $50-$100 above the purchase amount). 

Does Walgreens Accept Checks Online?

Walgreens does not accept checks online for items bought through the website. However, you can still use checks to pay for products that were ordered online but will be picked up from a local store. 

For more payment options at Walgreens, see our posts using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay/Google Pay in-store.


Walgreens does indeed accept checks as a mode of payment for all items at Walgreens stores, including prescriptions. You can pay using a personal, WIC, or Similac check but not with a starter check.  

You cannot use checks to pay for purchases made online (unless you have selected store pick-up), and in most stores, you must write the same amount on the check that you have to pay. 

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