Does Walmart Have Night Shift Job In 2022? (Hours + More)

Walmart provides evening and overnight shifts for members of its team who are looking for work hours outside of the traditional day-time options.

Whether you’re looking to apply for a position, or just to find out what you need to do to be able to work overnight for Walmart, this post should help you make the right decision, so keep reading!

Does Walmart Have a Night Shift Position In 2022?

Walmart offers various hourly and salaried jobs, like warehouse workers and overnight managers, on its nightshift in 2022. Depending on the location and position, workers can earn from $16 to $28/ hour working the night shift at Walmart. Night shifts are in demand because they have flexible hours, ranging from 4 pm to 7 am.

If you want to learn more about Walmart night shifts, including pay differentials for the shift, read on for more information!

What Positions Are Available for Overnight Shifts at Walmart?

Walmart is a company that operates around the clock, providing services at all hours of the day.

Therefore, the company offers positions for those who want to work overnight. Some of the positions that commonly work overnight hours are as follows:

Walmart Overnight Remodel Associate

While working as an overnight remodel associate, employees help customers with their inquiries and provide Walmart’s standard of customer service.

In addition, these associates dismantle fixtures, set up product displays, and perform other tasks related to the remodeling of facilities.

Package Handler

As a package handler, you will be responsible for picking products from online orders, as well as packaging them in preparation for shipment.

3rd Team Shift Lead

With the title of an hourly supervisor, you are responsible for managing a department in the store. 

While working in your designated department, sales associates will look to you for leadership and support. 

Likewise, you are accountable for merchandise availability, as well as department standards and financial performance.

Overnight Stocker

In an overnight stocker role, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Sorting products in the backroom
  • Stocking products on shelves to keep aisles neat and clean
  • Greeting customers if they ask any questions

Asset Protection Customer Host

As a Customer Host, you will be assigned to an area of the store and expected to greet Walmart customers with enthusiasm.

In addition, you are responsible for deterring losses at the front door.

Cashier/Customer Service

In Walmart stores, cashiers ensure that payment is taken, assist customers with locating products on store shelves and answer questions during checkout.

Overnight Cleaning Lead

As an overnight maintenance supervisor, you are responsible for making sure all food and departments of the store are clean.

You would supervise anywhere from one to 25 associates at night, as well as oversee general operations, such as covering other supervisors’ absences.

Moreover, supervisors are also trained on using power equipment like scrubbers, lift trucks, and forklift trucks.

Overnight Maintenance Associate

Overnight Maintenance Associate Walmart

Likewise, overnight maintenance associates keep Walmart buildings clean and orderly.

Additionally, they are responsible for performing repairs and dealing with safety issues.

Digital Personal Shopper

Digital personal shoppers are highly organized individuals that ensure online customer orders are fulfilled.

Generally, personal shoppers review and locate items, prepare them for shipment, and ensure the accuracy of orders before pickup.

When required, they make appropriate product substitutes in consultation with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Overnight Coach

One primary responsibility of the overnight coach is to provide a superior customer experience by following and demonstrating the “One Best Way (OBW)” service model.

Additionally, they must manage and support customer service initiatives, such as store of the community programs or other events.

Another responsibility will be to ensure that any complaints are satisfactorily resolved, while also developing action plans for deficiencies to address them appropriately.

However, this person must provide process improvement leadership for quality standards within stores to remain high key throughout all work processes.

Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers are responsible for unloading, loading, and order-filling boxed products that may weigh up to 60 pounds.

Therefore, these employees must be able to lift large items repetitively for extended periods.

People Lead

Walmart people leads are responsible for hiring, training, and overseeing HR compliance in the building.

Employees in this position train all new staff on company processes.

Assistant General Manager/General Manager

As a general manager or assistant general manager, you are accountable for ensuring store employees complete assigned tasks accurately and on time.

Likewise, general managers have the following tasks:

  • Plan schedules based on the store’s priorities
  • Follow up with those who have not completed their assignments promptly
  • Identify the resources needed to complete projects

What Are Overnight Shift Hours at Walmart?

Since most Walmart stores operate on a 24-hour open schedule, various shifts exist, depending on the store’s needs.

Commonly, evening shifts are from 4 pm-12 am, and overnight shifts are from 10 pm-7 am.

What Are the Benefits of Working Walmart’s Night Shift?

Walmart offers night shift jobs for those looking for work hours outside of the typical day-time options.

If you’re considering a night shift at Walmart, there are a few great benefits to keep in mind:

  • Higher wages
  • Increased free time during the day
  • Easier commutes to work
  • Less competition for openings
  • Quieter shifts

How Much Does Working Overnight at Walmart Pay?

Walmart offers competitive hourly wages for its employees who are working overnight shifts.

However, payments may vary, based on your location and the position you are applying for.

According to information found on Glassdoor, most overnight positions at Walmart range from $16.40/hr. to $28/hr.

For example, overnight package handler’s differential pay scale looks like this:

  • Mon-Thu: 2:55 pm-12:55am- $18.40
  • Mon-Thu: 3:55 pm-1:55am- $16.40
  • Fri-Sun: 4:55am-5:25pm- $19.40
  • Fri-Sun: 5:30 pm-5am- $20.75
  • Fri-Sat: 5:55am-6:25pm- $17.40
  • Fri-Sun: 6:30pm-6am- $18.75

How Can Job Seekers Apply for Jobs on Walmart’s Night Shift?

Jobseekers can visit for more information on open night shift positions.

Begin by searching for “overnight” jobs in your location via the search bar. Scroll through the generated list, and click on the position you would like to apply for.

After clicking on the job link, job seekers will view the job description, stating duties, eligibility requirements, and more.

To apply, applicants must log in or create a Walmart applicant profile by clicking on the apply button on the job description.

New applicants that have never applied to Walmart must provide their contact information and email address to create their profile.

Once the applicant has logged into the application portal, they will submit all necessary application information, such as education and work history.

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Typically, Walmart’s evening and night shift starts at 4:00 PM and ends at 7:00 AM. Overall, Walmart’s evening and overnight shifts are popular, because they offer much flexibility and higher salaries than the day shift.

In addition, employees can find both hourly and salaried jobs on the overnight shift, so there is always growth potential.

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