Does Walmart Sell Ebay Gift Cards In 2022? [Guide]

If you’re feeling stuck for gift ideas, Walmart has an excellent range of merchandise to inspire you. You can also consider eBay Gift Cards, which are an excellent alternative for anyone who loves to enjoy a spot of retail therapy.

Does Walmart Sell eBay Gift Cards In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart will no longer sell eBay Gift Cards in-store or online. Instead, you can buy them at various other retail locations such as Walgreens, Target, Dollar General, GameStop, Family Dollar CVS and Kroger. Additionally, Walmart offers MasterCard and Visa gift cards which can be used on

Alternative Gift Cards To Buy From Walmart

Walmart may not sell eBay Gift Cards; however, there are plenty of alternative options you can purchase for a keen shopper.

Ulta Beauty Gift Cards are great for anyone that enjoys shopping across various departments.

Treat your loved one with a loaded Gift Card of $25-$100, so they can shop an extensive range of health and beauty products.

Alternatively, The Walmart Gift Card could prove more beneficial to the user as they will have the option of visiting the store or shopping online.

Similarly, Walmart offers an extensive range of branded products across a vast breadth of departments. Additionally, Walmart also sells Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards that can be used on

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell eBay Gift Cards?

If you’re familiar with Walmart’s eCommerce sites, you’ll notice they offer relatively similar products to eBay while also enabling third-party sellers to sell desirable products.

Because of this, Walmart does not sell eBay gift cards as they do not want their customers to shop elsewhere.

For this same reason, Walmart also does not sell Lowe’s or TJ Maxx Gift Cards.

Where To Buy eBay Gift Cards?

If you’re still keen to purchase an eBay Gift Card, head over to Target, Walgreens, Dollar General, GameStop, Family Dollar, CVS/Pharmacy, and Lowe’s.

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