Dollar General Termination & Quitting Policy In 2022 [GUIDE]

Dollar General currently employs over 140,000 Americans, who help ensure the company can continue delivering high value to their customers.

However, occasionally, for whatever reason, these employees may choose to quit or, unfortunately, may have their employment terminated. You may be wondering about Dollar General’s Termination and Quitting Policy.

Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Dollar General Termination Policy 2022

Dollar General’s termination policy states that an employee can be fired if they breach or are caught stealing, assaulting a customer or another employee, intoxication, slander, repeated failure to perform duties, commit fraud, or violate the Dollar General code of conduct.

The policy makes clear the rights of the employee regarding termination or quitting, as well as how to qualify to receive full expected payment after termination or quitting. 

The policy also outlines useful information regarding how to go about quitting. Read on to find out more about the policies! 

What Are Dollar General’s Criteria For Termination?

What Are Dollar General’s Criteria For Termination? 

Dollar General’s Employment Agreement document stipulates many reasons why an employee may be terminated at any given time. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fraud
  • Violation of code of conduct
  • Slander towards the company
  • Intoxication at work
  • Assault
  • Conviction or a guilty plea
  • Repeated failure to perform duties

Dollar General also stipulates a termination upon death, wherein the company claims no liability to dependents of the deceased, unless otherwise agreed.

What Are Dollar General’s Criteria For Quitting? 

Employees are given the right to terminate their employment at any time, for any reason.

However, Dollar General’s policy stipulates that a “Good reason” for termination should be given with their notice in order for the employee to continue to receive all of their owed payment and benefits before the employment ends.

Employees at any company are entitled to any unclaimed vacation pay, but to receive it, their termination of employment should be amicable.

Dollar Generals Quitting Policy & What Constitutes a “Good Reason” To Quit

What Are ‘Good Reasons’ To Quit?

Good reasons to terminate any employment contract can vary greatly from business to business. However, Dollar General’s termination and quitting policies do stipulate a few:

  • A considerable reduction in base salary. 
  • Company failure in providing benefits such as insurance. 
  • Changing an employee’s duties to a considerable degree without first getting their written consent. 
  • Failure on behalf of a managerial successor to meet the standards of any previous management staff.  

How Should An Employee Quit A Job At Dollar General? 

Generally, best practice dictates that terminating one’s own employment should be done amicably, with a decent notice period (generally a minimum of 2-weeks) given to the employer to begin making the necessary arrangements for the employee’s replacement. 

Additionally, an employee is completely within their rights to quit at any point without giving any notice. But in doing so, they may run the risk of forgoing a good reference in the future, and it may damage further career plans within the company.

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Dollar General has a dedicated termination and quitting policy, which outlines the process of an employment termination, what the employer and employee are both entitled to in such a scenario.  

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