How Does Amazon Ship So Fast In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Amazon is one of the most popular places to find what you are looking for. From the vast product selection to their two and same-day shipping options, Amazon does everything they can to put the customer first.

However, you may be curious about how Amazon is able to ship their products so quickly. For example, how does Amazon beat their competitors when it comes to shipping orders?

Here is all I uncovered about Amazon’s shipping process and how the company can ship and deliver orders so quickly!

How Does Amazon Ship Packages So Fast In 2022?

Amazon ships packages incredibly fast thanks to its logistics algorithm, extensive warehouse network, and global supply chain as of 2022. Additionally, since Amazon owns and operates its own delivery vehicles and planes, the e-commerce giant is able to provide quick same-day and next-day shipping.

To learn how many warehouse fulfillment centers Amazon operates across the United States, and more, keep on reading!

What Factors Allow Amazon To Ship Quickly?

A few factors in Amazon’s business structure allow the company to ship and deliver customer orders so effectively.

For example, Amazon’s supply chain, warehouse locations, and overall success are the main factors in the company’s rapid shipping times.

Supply Chain

Compared to their rivals, Amazon’s supply chain and logistics operations are far more advanced. The company has a specific algorithm when it comes to fulfilling orders.

And competitors simply cannot compete with the speed at which Amazon operates.

In terms of Amazon’s supply chain, the e-commerce giant has a warehouse network that stretches internationally.

Because of their reach, Amazon can connect a customer in the United States with products from all over the world.

Warehouse Locations

Depending on where they live, some Amazon Prime members have access to same-day shipping. Same-day shipping is a service that almost no other company can match.

The reason Amazon can offer these fast shipping times is credited to the location of their fulfillment centers.

Amazon carefully places fulfillment centers in urban metropolises to best reach as many customers as possible.

Company Success

As a company, Amazon never takes a break. This 24/7 availability is one factor that helped the company reach massive success in a short period.

Additionally, the growth of Amazon allows the company to open more warehouses, fulfillment centers, delivery drivers, etc.

Essentially, the more the company grows, the more connected their business operations will continue to develop.

How Many Warehouses Does Amazon Have?

How Many Warehouses Does Amazon Have?

Amazon can deliver customer orders so quickly largely thanks to their product inventory.

Amazon has a large network of fulfillment warehouses located across the United States to hold such an extensive product inventory.

In fact, Amazon is said to have more than 110 active fulfillment centers in the United States alone.

Globally, the company has over 180 fulfillment centers and continues to expand each year.

The more warehouses Amazon operates, the more likely there is to be a fulfillment center near you and the faster products can be delivered.

These warehouses are usually over 100,000 square feet and hold all sorts of products ready for delivery at any moment.

Additionally, these warehouses take in and sort hundreds of thousands of items daily.

How Quickly Can Amazon Ship Products?

Amazon can ship and deliver products as quickly as one day. However, the customer must place the order before the one-day shipping cut-off time.

Additionally, the customer must order products with the Amazon Same-Day Delivery logo and live in an eligible zip code to receive same-day shipping. Both Prime and non-Prime members can access Amazon’s same-day delivery.

However, non-Prime customers will have to pay a fee to have items delivered.

How Is Amazon’s Shipping So Cheap?

How Is Amazon’s Shipping So Cheap?

Not only is Amazon’s shipping time extremely fast, but the cost of shipping on most products is much cheaper than other companies.

So, how can Amazon offer both quick shipping times and inexpensive delivery?

Amazon’s low shipping costs are possible because it owns and operates its warehouses and delivery vehicles.

Amazon does not have to pay a third-party company to handle product shipping and delivery by keeping the entire delivery process in-house.

With that, the cost of shipping items is much lower than other companies offer.

Amazon Vs Walmart For Shipping

Although Amazon is considered a retail company, their unique business structure, and warehouse setup is leading the company to become a player in the shipping and logistics industry.

With that, other logistics companies, like FedEx and UPS, are two of Amazon’s biggest competitors. Each of these companies operates a similar system when it comes to package delivery.

But Amazon still holds a little leverage due to their low product prices. Amazon is looking to expand their delivery network by deploying more of their own fleets of airplanes, delivery drones, and electric vans.

On the retail side of the business, Amazon’s biggest competitor is Walmart. Walmart can compete with Amazon’s low prices and is now starting to initiate delivery services.

Walmart’s newest subscription service, Walmart+, allows customers to order products from the store and have them delivered the same day.

However, Amazon does have a more extensive product selection compared to Walmart.

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Amazon’s same-day delivery options are possible because the company owns their own delivery vehicles and because Amazon operates over 100 warehouses across the United States.

Although FedEx and UPS are some of Amazon’s competitors, they do not offer the product selection that Amazon does. Nor do they use Amazon’s logistical algorithm to fulfill orders.

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