Verizon Free Network Extender (How It Works + Other FAQs)

If you use the Verizon LTE network at home, you might have noticed that in some locations within your home, websites don’t load as quickly as you’d like, or there’s no signal on your phone at all.

However, do you know about the Verizon free network extender? Are you curious how it works and if it’ll really boost your signal? If so, keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered about this product!

What Is the Verizon Free Network Extender In 2022?

The Verizon free network extender is available to customers that are unable to get a cell phone signal in their homes. Inside and outside interference can cause you to lose your signal while at home, including metal, construction equipment, trees, and bricks. The network extender is perfect to get around objects, causing the interference to give you a reliable signal.

Do you want to know even more about the Verizon free network extender, such as if there are monthly charges to use the extender? If so, you’ll find out all that and more by reading below!

What is a Verizon Network Extender?

A Verizon network extender will use your internet connection to extend your LTE network coverage inside your house if interference has caused you to lose your cell phone signal.

Specifically, when you’re at home, you might have inside or outside interference that leads to you losing your signal, such as trees, concrete, bricks, glass, hills, metal, weather, or mountains.

The Verizon network extender is going to allow you to make calls in your home around the interference, regardless of what the interference is, and it has a range of 7,500 square feet.

How Does the Verizon Network Extender Work?

The Verizon network extender works by plugging into your broadband connection so that it can communicate with the Verizon LTE wireless network, so it’s like your own personal cell tower.

Additionally, you’ll need to have a broadband connection that is at least 5Mbps upload speed and 10Mbps download speed, but 10Mbps upload and 20Mbps download are preferred.

Also, it’s designed to work with only 4G LTE mobile devices, and you cannot connect your landline phone to the network extender.

Who Qualifies for a Verizon Free Network Extender?

Verizon will only give out the network extender for free if you’re not getting a signal in your home at all, which means only a small group of customers qualify for the free offer.

However, if you’re at your place of business and aren’t getting a signal, you won’t qualify for the free network extender, since the qualification is specific to your residence and not a business.

On the other hand, anyone with a Verizon 4G LTE mobile phone can purchase the network extender for an extra $250 and use it anywhere they want.

Does Verizon Charge a Monthly Fee for the Network Extender?

Verizon does not charge a monthly fee for the network extender, although it will utilize the current Verizon cell phone plan you currently have.

Specifically, this means that data usage and voice usage while connected to the network extender will be deducted from your current plan.

What Is the Range of the Verizon Network Extender?

The range of the Verizon network extender is 7,500 square feet, which is about a 50-foot radius, although specific ranges aren’t guaranteed, since environmental factors can alter the range.

However, your mobile phone will need to be within 50 feet of the network extender when you’re trying to connect to it, but once it’s connected, you can freely move around anywhere you want.

Does the Verizon LTE Network Extender Need Internet?

Does the Verizon LTE Network Extender Need Internet?

You will need to have a broadband connection to use the Verizon LTE network extender, and your connection must be active and working properly to use the extender.

Therefore, if you don’t have an internet connection set up in your home that’s considered broadband, you won’t be able to use the Verizon network extender.

How Many Devices Does the Verizon Network Extender Support?

You can use the Verizon network extender with up to 16 devices at one time, although only 14 active users can use the network extender simultaneously, since two channels are reserved.

For example, one channel is going to be reserved for 911 at all times, and there is another channel that will be reserved for redirection, so that leaves 14 open channels for users.

Where Does the Verizon Network Extender Work?

The Verizon network extender will work in any location where Verizon has coverage, which includes coverage areas in all 50 states within the United States.

Unfortunately, the Verizon network extender will not work outside of the United States.

Does the Verizon Network Extender Really Work?

The Verizon network extender does work, with almost all reviews having positive things to say about the enhanced call quality and reception you’ll get with the extender.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that all of your phone calls sound clear and crisp with no interference, lag, background noise, or other common issues that you’re used to dealing with in your home.

Other reviews rave about the small size of the extender, the ability to improve signal strength, and the setup is easy, most of the time taking less than 5 minutes to complete.

However, it won’t improve your data coverage, and it’s limited to only Verizon coverage areas.

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The Verizon free network extender is only available for free if you have no cell phone signal in your home, although anyone with Verizon can purchase a network extender for $250.

Further, you can use the network extender to get around interference in your home through your broadband internet connection, and it’ll allow you to get more bars and better call quality.

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