Walmart Dress Code In 2022 (Shorts, Hoodies, Hats + More!)

In 2018, Walmart launched their brand-new dress code and said goodbye to the obligatory black or khaki pants and blue or white shirt and hello to a huge new list of fashion possibilities.

But what can you and what can’t you wear to work at WalmartI’m answering some of the most common questions in this post, so keep reading to find out!

Walmart Dress Code 2022

The Walmart dress code permits employees to wear denim jeans of any color and shirts of any color or pattern. The jeans should be plain and have no rips, embellishments, or jewels. Employees can also wear sneakers instead of dress shoes, and most tattoos and dyed hair are allowed.

If you want to learn more about the Walmart dress code in more detail, such as piercing, jeans, hoodies, tattoos, and more, keep on reading!

Does Walmart Give You a Uniform?

Yes, Walmart does give employees a uniform that consists of a vest and name tag. The color you receive will vary depending on your position.

Apart from that, you can wear your own clothes as long as they comply with the dress code. The vests themselves are free; however, if you wish to customize your vest, it will cost about $11.  

Can Walmart Employees Wear Leggings?  

The Walmart dress code does not allow employees to wear leggings (yoga pants also fall under this category). Jeggings are permitted, along with jeans, cargo pants, slacks, chinos and capris.  

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans to Work at Walmart?

Employees at Walmart are not permitted to wear ripped jeans, nor are they permitted to wear jeans with patterns, frayed edges or tears.

Distressed jeans also are not permitted, nor are jeans with stains, discoloration, patches, white stitching, or jewel/sequin detailing 

Can Walmart Employees Wear Hoodies? 

Whilst some managers may allow hoodies, others may not. This depends on your role in the shop and whether the hood is seen as a safety hazard or not.

Some employees can wear a hoodie and simply tuck the hood into their Walmart Vest, others may not be permitted to wear a hoodie at all. It is best to check with your manager. 

Can You Wear Shorts Working at Walmart?  

Can You Wear Shorts Working at Walmart?  

For the most part, shorts are not permitted for Walmart employees, although there are exceptions for some roles.

Capris pants, skirts, and skorts are permitted, though, providing they are no shorter than three and a half inches above the knee.  

Can Walmart Employees Wear Hats?

Employees are permitted to wear a baseball cap as long as it is a Walmart cap. This does not apply to employees who work at the check-out. If you are a cashier, you are not permitted to wear a hat.  

Are Walmart Employees Allowed Facial Piercings?  

Walmart reduced restrictions on facial piercings when it introduced its new dress code in 2018. That means you are permitted to keep facial piercings in whilst at work.

This does not apply to employees working within a fresh food area such as a bakery. You may be asked to remove your piercings for hygiene reasons if you are dealing with fresh food. 

Can Walmart Employees Dye Their Hair? 

The Walmart dress code has removed most restrictions concerning hair color. The regulations state that as long as the color doesn’t distract employees from their work, the employee is free to do as they wish with their hair.

Of course, every manager has a different idea concerning what is ‘distracting’ and what is not, so it is always best to check.  

Can Walmart Employees Have Tattoos?

Dress code regulations regarding tattoos have been relaxed, and tattoos are now widely permitted for Walmart employees.

Unless your tattoos are vulgar somehow, it is unlikely that you will be asked to cover them up by your manager. This depends on individual managers and stores, so check with your manager before you go and get a full sleeve. 

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Changes in uniform policy have opened up a lot of possibilities for employees at Walmart. There is now some flexibility in terms of what colors and styles you can wear to work.

With this flexibility comes a little bit of confusion, and it is always best to check with your own manager before you turn up to work in something that accidentally breaks the dress code.

Many dress code regulations depend on your role, and different managers will most likely implement different rules. If you are looking for a basic guideline, you really can’t go wrong with a shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  

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