Walmart ecoATMs (How They Work, What Are They + More)

If you’re like most people, you rely on Walmart to buy everything on your list, from groceries to household cleaning products to cell phones. One convenient thing about shopping at Walmart is that the stores always have the newest technology available.

But what do you do with your old devices? Does Walmart have a technology recycling program? And if so, how can you recycle old phones and tablets at Walmart? I’ve done the research on the matter, and here’s what I found out! 

Walmart ecoATMs In 2022

Walmart ecoATM is a kiosk available to recycle your old cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, and more as of 2022. With ecoATMs, you can recycle at Walmart for free and receive instant cash. Then, ecoATM refurbishes the devices, protecting the environment from harmful unwanted electronic contaminants and waste. This recycling program supports Walmart’s mission to be an environmentally conscious business.

If you want to turn your depleted gadgets into cash, keep reading to learn more about recycling with Walmart ecoATM!

What Is Walmart’s ecoATM?

Following its mission to be an environmentally conscious company, Walmart is the first retailer to open a chain of ecoATMs to minimize the environmental impact of electronic disposal.

That said, ecoATM is a global company that provides an automated recycling machine for consumers to dispose of their old devices.

Since people receive cash in exchange for used electronic devices, they are encouraged to use the ecoATM, making it easier to recycle their old devices.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Walmart ecoATM?

Walmart’s new ecoATM offers unique and convenient electronic product recycling options.

With the machine, customers can quickly drop off their recyclable electronics and have them recycled right away.

If you don’t already know, recycling your old, used electronics has many environmental benefits. For example, recycling helps reduce the impact of global warming.

Also, the electronic waste contains materials that are toxic to groundwater. By recycling these items, you are helping to minimize pollution.

Aside from that, by using Walmart ecoATM, you can turn your trash into cash. For example, eligible items can be worth nearly $500, which is paid out to you instantly!

How Much Does It Cost To Use Walmart ecoATM?

Interested recyclers will be happy to know that there is no fee to use ecoATM at Walmart. However, the program charges users a transaction fee of $1 per withdrawal.

Then, you are given 10% of the device’s profits up to nearly $500 per device.

How Do I Use Walmart ecoATM?

Fortunately, using Walmart ecoATMs is straightforward; you just insert your old phone into the slot. Then, the machine checks the phone to see if it’s eligible for reuse or recycling.

Finally, the machine lists a price after it determines the device’s value. 

Unfortunately, some devices are unable to be refurbished. For those devices, a receipt is given with information on how you can donate your old phone if it cannot be reused.

Additionally, be sure to reset your device to factory settings, fully charge the device and bring a state-issued photo ID or driver’s license when you visit the ecoATM location.

Is Walmart ecoATM Safe To Use?

Is Walmart ecoATM Safe To Use?

Before you use ecoATM, you are required to do a factory reset on your device. That said, a factory reset keeps your information safe from future users after the device is refurbished.

If you are unfamiliar with this process, you can find steps to guide you on the ecoATM website.

For iPhone users, an additional video is available to walk you through steps to erase personal content on your device before using ecoATM.

Also, people with iPhones need to turn off the find my iPhone feature.

How Do I Find An ecoATM Near Me?

If you’re ready to visit an ecoATM, there are a few options to find the closest ecoATM near you quickly:

  • Go to the ecoATM website and input your zip code or address in the search bar.
  • Go to the EcoATM website and click on “Find a Location Near You” on the right-hand side of the page, which will show you all the locations near you with an Eco ATM available for use.

Can I Use Walmart ecoATM Online?

If there are no Walmart locations with ecoATM near you, don’t fret. EcoATM is also available online, right from the comfort of your home.

From the EcoATM website, you can find the exact pricing of devices as you would in the Walmart store.

What Does Walmart ecoATM Pay For Used Devices?

The amount of money you get from an ecoATM varies depending on what type and model of device you have and how old it is. For example, a newer iPhone will yield more than a used one.

For your convenience, you can search for the current device price list on the ecoATM website.

Under the price of your device link at the top of the page, you can select the manufacturer of the device you’re looking to recycle.

Currently, ecoATM is accepting devices from:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • ZTE

Once you select the device manufacturer, the site asks you if the device is a phone, tablet, or MP3 player.

Following the selection of your device, you will be asked questions regarding its condition before being made an offer.

Even though newer devices receive the most money, ecoATM does not accept devices within 60 days of the product’s initial release.

Does Walmart ecoATM Take Broken Phones?

As someone who frequently drops their phone, I know how hard it is to get rid of damaged cell phones.

Fortunately, Walmart ecoATM takes phones that are cracked, water damaged, or broken. But, be prepared to get a lower offer than phones in working order.

Does Walmart ecoATM Take Locked Phones?

Yes, Walmart ecoATM takes all locked phones except iPhone iCloud locked phones.

However, be aware that you will receive a lower price, and you must state the phone is not in working condition.

How Does Walmart ecoATM Pricing Compare With Selling My Phone Online?

After doing research online, you can find multiple other buyers for electronic devices online.

However, what sets Walmart ecoATM apart is that you receive instant payouts, more devices are accepted, and there are no disputes on device grading.

When you are ready to recycle with ecoATM, you receive the offer based on the information you input instantly rather than waiting for a long time.

If you disagree with the offered price, you can simply take the device back and decline the transaction.

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In conclusion, Walmart ecoATM offers a convenient way for the public to recycle used electronic devices.

By using the kiosks at Walmart locations, recyclers can get quick payouts and do a fantastic service for the environment by keeping toxic products out of landfills.

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