Walmart Lawn Mower Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

With the thousands of items stocked at Walmart, it can be difficult to find the correct and relevant information when it comes to return policies.

Fortunately, I have found out about Walmart’s lawn mower return policy for you! Read on to find out more.

Walmart Lawn Mower Return Policy 2022

Walmart accepts returns of gas, battery, corded, and ride-on lawn mowers (including weed trimmers) within 90-days of purchase as of 2022. If a receipt is provided, Walmart can give a full cash refund or a store credit if no receipt is provided.

Keep reading to find out the next steps for returning your Lawn Mower!

How To Return A Lawn Mower At Walmart

For in-store returns of lawn mowers (including all types and brands such as HART, Hyper Tough, GreenWorks, Black+Decker, etc.), customers can visit the customer service desk with your item, the original packaging, and the receipt if you have it.

If you no longer have the receipt, bring a valid form of photo identification, such as a driving license. Once done, staff can then process your return for you.

Online returns can be done via the Walmart website. You can either mail your returning item for free or arrange a scheduled home pick-up.  

Can I Return A Lawn Mower To Walmart Without The Receipt?

Yes, you can! Walmart allows customers to return items purchased in-store without a receipt within a 90-day window, as long as they can produce valid photo identification.

This is, however, at the discretion of the Walmart staff and may depend on the location of the store. 

It is best to keep your receipts in the future when making returns, as Walmart only allows customers a maximum limit of 3 no-receipt returns. 

To learn more, also see our posts on returning items to Walmart without a receipt or without a box.

Can I Return A Used Mower To Walmart

Yes, Walmart customers can return used gas and electric push lawn mowers (including weed trimmers) in-store.

Walmart has a 90-day satisfaction return policy, so if the lawn mower you have purchased is no strong enough, isn’t performing as you thought, then you can return it.

However, Walmart will not accept returns of used lawn mowers that have been damaged by a customer (due to their own use).

Why Would Walmart Deny A Return? 

Walmart’s in-store returns are at the discretion of the staff and may differ from store to store.

Walmart has the right to deny a return for various reasons, mainly including items worth over $50 without a valid receipt, items defected after improper personal use, and items not passing the verification of purchase check. 

If you are unsure why Walmart has denied your return, it is best to either ring your local store or ask for more information at the help service desk.


Walmart offers a 90-day window for returning lawn mowers, subject to the condition in which the refund is received, as well as the store manager’s discretion. 

You can return the item in-store during usual store opening hours or return it for free using the Walmart app or website.  

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