What Does Change Shipping Speed Mean Amazon In 2022? (Full Guide)

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the most recognized retailers in the world. This wildly successful e-commerce company has completely transformed online shopping with a huge collection of items and fast, flexible delivery options.

If you’ve looked at ordering things from Amazon.com, you may be wondering what does change shipping speed mean on Amazon? The same thing popped up in my head, so I did some digging and here’s what I can share with you!

What Does Change Shipping Speed Mean On Amazon In 2022?

The option to change shipping speed on Amazon means you can choose how quickly your order gets delivered. Generally, the faster you want your item shipped, the higher delivery costs will be, although Prime members can save on free two-day delivery, and even quicker options depending on the location. You can change your shipping speed during the checkout process.

If you’re still curious about the change shipping speed option on Amazon, including how to use it and what your delivery options are, then keep reading for more details!

Can You Change Shipping Speed On Amazon After Purchase?

Amazon makes it easy to adjust your shipping speed after making a purchase.

All you need to do is go into your orders and click on the details you want to change, such as the delivery address or speed.

You can select the reschedule option to choose a different date and time for your package to arrive, keeping in mind Amazon offers an estimated arrival time rather than an exact time.

Also, remember that signatures may be required for large or expensive items, so you want to make sure an adult will be home then.

Just save your updated shipping speed and delivery instructions in your order as soon as possible to ensure you make changes before the item is shipped.

Unfortunately, once your item is on its way to you, it’s too late to change your shipping speed.

What Happens If You Need To Change An Amazon Delivery That’s Already Shipped?

It’s best to keep a close eye on your Amazon orders and shipping speeds because you can’t change delivery preferences once the order is already on its way.

This makes sense considering the sheer volume of packages Amazon delivery drivers need to drop off every day.

It just doesn’t work for Amazon drivers to constantly update their delivery schedule and routes once items are on their way, but at the same time, the company knows things come up.

That’s why, although you can’t change your shipping speed online once the item is shipped, you can contact Amazon directly.

If you don’t see the option to change the date and time of your delivery, it’s probably en route, and you should get in touch with Amazon so a customer service representative can resolve the issue.

Sometimes you may be able to pick up the package at a post office instead or cancel the order altogether.

What Are The Shipping Speed Options On Amazon?

What Are The Shipping Speed Options On Amazon?

One of the best things about shopping on Amazon is the wide array of shipping options and affordable delivery prices for most items.

Each item may have slightly different shipping speeds, depending on the warehouse location, intended destination, and stock availability.

For example, a bestselling item from the Amazon Basics collection is likely available in Amazon fulfillment centers across the country.

The shipping speed for readily available and accessible products maybe just a few days, if not shorter.

In comparison, an item sold and shipped by a third-party Marketplace seller based in another country will take longer to arrive at your doorstep.

The shipping speed options, in that case, may be as long as several weeks or a month.

Generally, most Amazon items can be arranged for expedited delivery within one or two business days or standard delivery within a week.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you should see faster free shipping options, although it depends on each item.

Most Amazon items offer two or three shipping speeds, but this can vary depending on when you buy it and whether the item is fulfilled by Amazon or shipped by a third party.

Don’t worry, you won’t be able to proceed through checkout without choosing a delivery preference, so you won’t miss choosing how fast you want your order to come and how much you want to pay.

Are Amazon Prime Shipping Speeds Faster?

Amazon Prime members have access to faster shipping speeds without a higher price tag.

Of course, it depends on the item and the shipping destination, but overall Prime delivery is a very good deal.

You can change shipping speeds regardless of if you’re a Prime member or not, although those with a Prime account will see one and two-day delivery options as included with their membership.

Amazon Prime members also have the chance to change shipping speeds and update date/time preferences when ordering groceries off Amazon Fresh or arranging in-home, garage, or car deliveries with Amazon Key.

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Amazon makes it easy to change your shipping speed when checking out. While navigating through the checkout process from the product detail page, your shipping options will appear so you can select whichever speed works best for you.

If you realize you need an item sooner or you won’t be home when it’s meant to arrive, you can update your delivery preferences before the item ships.

If you don’t get the chance to change your shipping speed before your package is sent, you can contact Amazon directly and let them know.

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