Who Makes Member’s Mark Vodka In 2022? (Interesting Finds)

Sam’s Club’s private-label brand, Member’s Mark, is designed to offer members even more savings on popular groceries, paper products, and even alcohol like vodka.  

However, you may be curious about where Member’s Mark Vodka is processed and manufactured and whether or not the vodka is of high quality.  

Well, look no further for all the information about Member’s Mark vodka. Here is everything you want to know!  

Who Makes Member’s Mark Vodka In 2022?

Member’s Mark French-made Vodka is rumored to be made by Grey Goose as of 2022. While this has not been confirmed, some Sam’s Club customers have noticed a very similar taste of the Member’s Mark vodka to the Grey Goose brand, which is also made in France.

To learn more about the quality of Member’s Mark Vodka and how to purchase it online, keep on reading!  

Where Is Member’s Mark Vodka Made?

Member’s Mark makes 2 kinds of vodka, and they are produced in different facilities.

The first is an American-made Member’ Mark Original vodka that is produced at an undisclosed facility in Louisville, Kentucky.

While there is no definite information on who makes this American vodka, we can assume that it might be made from one of these many Louisville-based distilleries.

In addition to the US-made vodka, Sam’s Club also sells French-made vodka, which members seem to absolutely love!

As for what distillery makes this vodka, there have been some discussions on Reddit that speculate that it tastes very similar to Grey Goose (which is actually owned by Bacardi).

One thing to note is that this is only speculation, so there is no concrete information to back this up.

What Other Brands Of Vodka Does Sam’s Club Sell?

Sam’s Club also offers several different vodka brands if you are looking for a brand other than Member’s Mark.

For example, some of the vodka brands available at Sam’s Club include: 

  • Grey Goose  
  • Smirnoff  
  • Tito’s 
  • Skyy 
  • Absolut 
  • Svedka  
  • Ciroc  
  • Ketel One  
  • Deep Eddy 

Is Member’s Mark Vodka High Quality?

Is Member's Mark Vodka Of High Quality

As Sam’s Club formed their private label brand Member’s Mark, using quality ingredients was a top priority. Both types of Member’s Mark Vodka are also made from only the best ingredients.  

Original Member’s Mark vodka is distilled 6 times for a smooth taste. Additionally, Member’s Mark’s original vodka is made and manufactured in the United States with only the best ingredients.  

In regards to the Member’s Mark French vodka, the ingredients are sourced from local farmers. For example, the water used in the vodka is extracted from a well on-site at the distiller’s estate in France.  

Additionally, Member’s Mark French vodka is distilled 5 times. Both Member’s Mark’s vodkas have received an average of 4 and 5-star reviews from members who purchased the products in the past.  

How Much Does Member’s Mark Vodka Cost?

Member’s Mark offers vodka at a discounted price compared to other popular vodka brands on the market.

With that, Member’s Mark Vodka costs between $13 and $20 for a 1.75-liter bottle, according to the Sam’s Club website.  

However, depending on your location and whether you buy Member’s Mark vodka in-store or online, the prices may differ.  

Can You Buy Member’s Mark Vodka Online?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to purchase Member’s Mark Vodka online. One way is to add Member’s Mark Vodka to your cart while shopping online through Sam’s Club.  

However, according to Sam’s Club’s website, alcohol is only eligible for curbside pickup and not delivery like other grocery items.  

If you would like to order Member’s Mark Vodka online and have it delivered to your house, consider using Instacart.  

Instacart is an easy-to-use grocery delivery program that allows you to shop at Sam’s Club for all your favorite products.  

Instacart is also convenient if you are not a Sam’s Club member but would like to save money on products sold in bulk without the 10% service fee Sam’s Club’s website charges non-members.  

Of course, wherever you buy Member’s Mark Vodka online, you will need to present a valid form of identification to prove you are over 21 years old.  

What Types Of Member’s Mark Vodka Does Sam’s Club Sell?

Both types of Member’s Mark vodkas are sold in 1.75-liter bottles and are 80 proof.

The Member’s Mark original vodka is distilled 6 times for a smooth taste. Additionally, Member’s Mark also makes vodka that is imported from France.  

Member’s Mark’s French vodka is produced with wheat from local farmers in France. 

If you are looking to learn more about Member’s Mark, you can see our related articles on who makes Member’s Mark grills, coffee, and chicken.


Member’s Mark makes 2 kinds of vodka, one of which is manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky, and the other is made from local ingredients in France.  

The cost of Member’s Mark vodka falls between $13-$20 for a 1.75-liter bottle.

Additionally, Member’s Mark Vodka is of high quality and has received thousands of 4 and 5-star ratings from members who purchased the product in the past.  

The vodka that Member’s Mark produces is also made from the best ingredients and is distilled at least 5 times for a smooth taste.  

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